We are living in a new era that is full of challenges and variables that update every day. Challenges need special learning skills that help us to get knowledge easily and usefully. Through intellectual developments on different aspects of mind, body, and soul, high learning qualities are being engaged with our high-standard curriculums to prepare our students to face future challenges by assuring and enhancing their problem-solving skills. This made our new lifestyle of Artificial intelligence and programming considered now as an essential part of our daily life. At Mastery International School, we work on developing our students' learning skills whether online or on campus. We are keen to provide the highest quality of virtual learning that prepares them for dealing with modern technologies in the world. While on campus, our students have trained in presentation as well as communication skills that make them more confident. Remember, all great IDEAS start with A BALANCED MINDSET.

Mastery International Schools Educational Stages

Early childhood education

We are home to a premier Early Childhood Education program that welcomes children starting at age 3.

Lower School

The ISM Lower School plays an important role in preparing students for lifelong learning.

Middle School

We have a vibrant, inclusive, and caring Middle School community that empowers students to gain responsibility and take ownership of their education.

High School

The focus of the ISM High School is on preparation for success in college and in life.

Mastery International Schools Educational Stages

Our Location

12 Mins.

From Nasr City

12 Mins.

From Mokkattam

15 Mins.

From 5th settlement.

2 Mins.

From Maadi Gardens

2 Mins.

From Al-Kinda compound

30 Mins.

From Giza