Our Curriculum

The curriculum at MIS is either American or British.
[ blended curriculum in early ages]


The curriculum at MIS is either American or British[ blended curriculum in early ages]

American: Our high school program is based on the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

Students are involved in traditional subject areas: Reading and Writing, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies/world history, World Languages, Arts, and health &Physical Education, Arabic.

The curriculum from Pre-K- to G12 emphasizes inquiry-based learning. 

The Elementary and Middle Schools use standards-based grading and reporting. Students demonstrate their learning through tests, written assignments, oral presentations, projects, debate, discussions, and acting.

Students in grades 1-9 participate in MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) testing.

High school students participate in the EST and ACT assessments as part of their college application process

Our Teachers

We're committed to providing you with the best qualified teachers available in Egypt.

That’s why some of our teachers are native speakers or have an equivalent level of English, and they all hold internationally recognized teaching qualifications. 

We’re also committed to constantly improving quality.

 Each teacher receives continual training and development to make sure they are consistently taught by people who make lessons engaging, enjoyable and effective.

Meet some of Mastery Teachers

Dr. Khaled El Gebaly


Mrs. Ebtehal

Online School Manager

Mrs. Jihan El Najar

On-site School Manager

Eng. Mohamed

IT Manager

Mastery International Schools Educational Stages

Mastery International Schools Educational Stages

Early childhood education

We are home to a premier Early Childhood Education program that welcomes children starting at age 3.

Lower School

The ISM Lower School plays an important role in preparing students for lifelong learning.

Middle School

We have a vibrant, inclusive, and caring Middle School community that empowers students to gain responsibility and take ownership of their education.

High School

The focus of the ISM High School is on preparation for success in college and in life.